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About Varied / Hobbyist Erwin the God EmperorMale/Philippines Groups :iconsouthparkgalore: SouthParkGalore
Screw you guys, I'm making art!
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Pixel Art (1 to 20 Characters) / Custom Icon/Emote (50x50)
The Hard Sell by KaiserRangerPH12345
WrestleManiacs 2 by KaiserRangerPH12345
Elvin Icon by KaiserRangerPH12345
Crystal as Jenny by KaiserRangerPH12345
Standard pixel art without animations. May include speech bubbles and/or background. You can also ask for a custom icon or emote in a very simple pixel art portrait in South Park art style, which also includes usually the OC name's first letter, or if multiple OC icons if interlocked, a hidden word or art associated with the group which you could also ask for. You can now also ask for animated emotes at the same price!

20:points: for 1 to 10 persons (either child or adult) in one picture or one to ten still or animated icons/emotes.

Please write down which Commission you want made.
Preview Thumbnail (Request Only*) / Pixel Reference
Gif Preview - Political War by KaiserRangerPH12345
GIF Preview - Ghosty for MrPixelArty by KaiserRangerPH12345
South Park Pixel - Elvin Reference by KaiserRangerPH12345
South Park Pixel - Kary Reference by KaiserRangerPH12345
South Park Pixel - Selestia Reference by KaiserRangerPH12345
South Park Pixel - Danny Reference by KaiserRangerPH12345
*I will only accept requests like this, if your large GIF animation doesn't have a preview thumbnail. Also if you want me to make one, please provide a link to your animation so I can work on it immediately.

Pixel reference model shows four views of your character, in the familiar SP-TheDragons' layout. Only 20 :points: for one character.
Stamp (99x59)
UberZord stamp by KaiserRangerPH12345
Stara Zareen stamp by KaiserRangerPH12345
Bathtime stamp by KaiserRangerPH12345
Uses a 'Standard Size' for DeviantArt stamps. Pixel arts can also be included here.
Animated GIF (1 to 5 characters)
Caught Kissing by KaiserRangerPH12345
Rasengan by KaiserRangerPH12345
South Park Pixel - Lucy (Animated) by KaiserRangerPH12345
Buffy's Dance [Gift] by KaiserRangerPH12345
Size may vary

Simple and sometimes dynamic pixel art animations. Add 10 :points: for an additional character up to six times, with a maximum of 11 persons at 100 :points:
Simple Wave GIF
South Park Pixel Gift 001 - Elvin Wave by KaiserRangerPH12345
South Park Pixel Gift 005 - Mia Wave by KaiserRangerPH12345
South Park Pixel Gift A01 - Ash Wave by KaiserRangerPH12345
South Park Pixel Gift X01 - Mandy Wave by KaiserRangerPH12345
South Park Pixel Gift A04 - Raisins Karen Wave by KaiserRangerPH12345
South Park Pixel Gift 017 - Phil Wave by KaiserRangerPH12345
Simple wave GIF featuring various characters ranging from canon to original and even to crossovers in my South Park pixel art style.
Choose from either child or adult size, which now both costs 50:points:.
Large Format Drawing (1 to 3 Characters)
Rudolf and Sofya [Art Trade] by KaiserRangerPH12345
Mia Down on the Floor (colored) by KaiserRangerPH12345
Stop Hurting Him, Elvin by KaiserRangerPH12345
Resolution and design may vary. Can either be head shot, half body, or full body.
Can be either colored or hand-drawn.
Large Format Drawing (4 to 9 Characters)
Same as for 1 to 3
Large Format Drawing (10+ characters)
[Entry] 21XX by KaiserRangerPH12345
Selestia - Good and Evil [Contest Entry] by KaiserRangerPH12345
Same as with less than 10.


KaiserRangerPH12345 has started a donation pool!
632 / 10,000
Every little bit helps when it comes to your cooperation. These points will go to commissions and requests and my short-term Core membership or probably anything.

The more the points, the bigger the benefit.

:icondahub: dAhub will also help in giving me extra points along the way.

I will be also doing Llama Trades for even more additional points.

Commissions with additional extra payments will go here.

You must be logged in to donate.
  • dAhub
    Donated 15 hours and 11 minutes ago




Erwin the God Emperor
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
icon by me with thanks to Taiko554

Anti-Sean Stamp by KaiserRangerPH12345

Flip-Reaper-Z may be blocking me right now, but someday, he'll unblock me to see my self-made animations and praise me for my effort. But for now, we're rather enemies.

And if there's one person I and the entire South Park fandom to get rid of, is Sean Corbett, the pedophile who's totally obsessed with a Pokemon trainer from Kalos. Who's on our side?

Join in my chatroom at…
my OCs' Group at elvin-and-his-gang.deviantart.…
And for my upcoming animations.

What I can draw...
South Park style (usually pixel art and hi-res)
Anime style (only in large format, either traditional or digital)
Hetero pairs (I don't care about if I hate the pair or not, but I'll favor the ones that are my favorites; usually in pixels, rarely in hi-res.)
Homo pairs (it's OK, unless it's your request, I might make one for you.)
Crossovers (especially ones that I'm familiar with like Transformers, Granblue Fantasy, Overwatch, etc.)
Foldabots patterns (when I have new ideas coming in once in a blue moon.)
SFW (which means no nudity. Fully Censored and Moderate Mature Contents.)

What I will not draw...
Hate arts (If I hate something, I won't bear drawing just to please you... except when I'm felling like making one.)
NSFW 18+ (which means I'm not drawing pictures with nudity... maybe I will someday, just as long as no one's )

Pending Arts
KuroKage-San's Point Commission
FredbearDude1974's Collaboration with me (My part), two versions of request drawing, 4 extra requests
HunterRuZ's Collaboration with me (My part)
Dinobolt6's two Point Commissions
The1EENEbelgianfan's Pixel Animation Commission: Butters to Marjorine
Nascar221's Reference for Serena (Pokemon XY) in South Park art style.


So yeah, one titchy question before I could meme...
Serena's 16, right?
Just to clarify:

Recall my adult versions of my OCs? Reason why I said I was thinking about Mia in her underwear and commissioning someone to draw me her as a grown-up. That I never said, which led to a sign that I'm vaguely something though I'm not.
The last Status Update was a little misleading...
So I was thinking about Mia Segovia in her pink undies again, and I seemed to have some spare points to commission. Is there anyone who can make SFW stuff? I'm looking for some who could...
As of now, I've almost finished the main rigs for the animation, which included Elvin, Jarvis, Noel, Allie, Mia, two types of the Chaos Troops, with one more to be done soon, and my select cameo characters except Sean which I assume the other guy will not include him either, thanks largely to the news that Sean had been doing foul things for the past weeks.

However, I'm still needing a few close-up background scenes for Episode 1, which will be about Elvin. These are for the scenes with both Elvin and the enemies. Apart from that, I'll be also working on more arm poses for the main characters, which will come in handy in the future.

For me, making variations of the Chaos Henchmen, is practically easy once you got the base rig for it, then alter hairstyles by making separate symbols for such. I've made three at this point, since they're the only ones to be used in the first episode.

And of course, I need to start on my recording session ASAP starting tomorrow.

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yooooo dude 
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I'll go edit it for everyone and you to read.
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Boo's Enemies
:iconmangle-fnafb2, ::iconkaryadoreskyle:, :iconkowaisenpai:, me and :iconhunterruz:.
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anaajimura Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student General Artist
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